Communication strategy

It is crucial in these times that your potential customers see your business online. I help companies and brands to increase their (online) visibility. It is important that communication strategies are tailor-made, with your unique set of clients in mind.

What works for one does not work for another. We will create a communication strategy, that is perfectly aligned with your business values and aims.


You can contact me for website texts, newsletters, blogs, press releases, leaflets and brochures, advertorials, and more.

  • I write (SEO) texts in your tone of voice and aimed at your target group.
  • I edit and / or rewrite texts where necessary.
  • I create content for social media.
  • I translate texts from French or English to Dutch.

Social media training

If you would like to learn how to use social media or take your current social media knowledge to the next level, I can help you. I will create a bespoke training session to cover exactly what you need at your own pace. I give 1:1 training as well as group courses.

I give training (online during the current coronavirus pandemic) about Instagram, blogging, Pinterest and/or the ‘general social media’ training (Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn).

Social media management

If you do not have the time or knowledge to manage your social media accounts (because yes, it is time consuming if you want to do it right), I can help to create content and manage your social media accounts.

How do you connect followers to your brand and how do you ensure conversion? Which content fits which channel best? Together we make a plan of action that fits well with your brand and I take the everyday management off your hands.

social media strategy